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plusBLE provides a full turnkey solution to take your idea from design to production in high volumes. Combined with our module offering and software licensing, our services include product design, structure design, schematic design, PCB layout, MCU programming, prototype, applications (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile) development, production and quality control.


Create best user experience, we minimize the gap between technology and its audience.


Tell us what you need and fiind out more how additional features can be integrated to your products.

Timer and Automations


Temperature and Humidity

Ultra Violet





Heart Rate

Smoke Sensor

Gas Gauge



plusBLE transforms any device into a smart device, whether it's a light switch, coffee maker, or even a fork.

Products in Market

There are a lot of successful products in the market. Do you want to build yours?

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Withings - Wireless Scale
Withings - Wireless Scale The Wireless Scale measures weight and calculates BMI, instantly and seamlessly.
HAPI - Track
HAPI - Track is an activity tracker that motivates you to be more active, helps you stay in shape and captures your HAPI Moments.
ZULI - Smart Plug
ZULI - Smart Plug Zuli SmartplugCreate a smarter home that adjusts to where you are and what you like.
Chipolo - Item Finder
Chipolo - Item Finder Get your Chipolo now and stop losing your items.
Bluegic - Bluetooth Wall Switch
Bluegic - Bluetooth Wall Switch World's 1st Bluetooth Wall Switch ! You can through this device to remote control everything at your SmartPhone!
GOJI - Smart lock
GOJI - Smart lock The most advanced lock for your home.
Bluegic - Bluetooth Plug
Bluegic - Bluetooth Plug The simplest smart home solution - Just plug the converter before you connect the device!
Woolet - Smart Wallet
Woolet - Smart Wallet Never lose your wallet again Smart, hand-crafted slim wallet that alerts you when you're out of range.
ARIST - Smart Coffee Machine
ARIST - Smart Coffee Machine The Arist coffee machine brews coffees from the world's top baristas with the click of a button.
HAPI - Activity Tracker
HAPI - Activity Tracker Track daily activity - Every step counts , Monitor your sleep , Set your goals !
Noke - Bluetooth Lock
Noke - Bluetooth Lock No Key. No Problem.
Lümen - Color Strip
Lümen - Color Strip you can be your own lighting designer from now on; bend, shape and tape your strips anyway and anywhere!
Vessly - Smart Mug
Vessly - Smart Mug VESSYL automatically knows and tracks everything you drink.
KALORIK - Meat Thermometer
KALORIK - Meat Thermometer Take the guesswork out of cooking with the Kalorik Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer.
HISY - Bluetooth Remote
HISY - Bluetooth Remote Bluetooth Remote for your smartphone camera!
GE - clip-on thermometer
GE - clip-on thermometer Using bluetooth, the cooktop then adjusts the water temperature according to your desired setting.
LG - SmartLamp
LG - SmartLamp SmartLamp has a security mode that flickers the lights at random moments when you’re not at home.
HAPI - Smart Fork
HAPI - Smart Fork Powered by Slow Control, is an electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits.
GOKey A new kind of device for your keychain. It can be Battery, Cable, Locator, Finder, Memory and Remote!
PebbleBee - Item Finder
PebbleBee - Item Finder Your Personal Lost & Found
zSmart - Mood LED
zSmart - Mood LED A Smart kind of LED LightBlub, Patent pending 6 Watt* Colored LED bulb with Bluetooth® wireless technology control.
HAPI - Scale Plus
HAPI - Scale Plus Check your body weight and composition - Wireless connectivity, Body analysis, Set your goals !
Lümen - Color Mode Blub
Lümen - Color Mode Blub Lumen empower people to control their personal lighting environment from their mobile device.
Samsung - Smart Bulbs
Samsung - Smart Bulbs Samsung offers to control up to 64 bulbs at the same time.
Bluegic - Bulb Converter
Bluegic - Bulb Converter The Simplest Smart Home Solution - Just screw the converter before you connect the bulb !
Bluegic - Invisible Controller
Bluegic - Invisible Controller World's 1st Bluetooth Invisible Controller - You can through this device to remote control everything at your SmartPhone!

About Us

We specialize in Bluetooth home automation.

About Us

plusBLE is aiming to be the industry standard of home automation in Bluetooth technology. We provide the free App in both IOS and Android with simple interface but powerful function for any usage of home automation. The community is also planning to extend the development to Windows Mobile and the most popular platforms when it's available.

If you are the home appliances manufacturer which would like to make your product available to be controlled via mobile phone, simply join plusBLE. You Don't need any Bluetooth specialist, App developer, Electrical engineer and expensive testing instruments in order to kick it off, but enjoy the latest technology and the best user experience to make your product smarter. Through joining plusBLE, you can save a lot of the time on research and development, testing, choosing the supplier, and more! Let's see join us and keep your product competitive!


Utilizing our engineering team or stand alone services for your own design team, our certified EMI/EMC Engineer, Bluetooth Specialist, Application Developer and Product Expert will review products at the full system or the individual component level. plusBLE have successfully passed CE, CB, UL, FCC, RoHS, REACH, Bluetooth EPL and MFi mark with our clients' products. At the end of the review and correction process we are available to go to the labs with your team to facilitate.

Patent and Awards

To keep plusBLE leading in the market, we believe uniqueness and quality are the keys of success. We have obtained different awards and patents and our R&D keep full gear and ready to investigate on new and unique technology. Awards and Patents not only maintain our uniqueness but also our quality, our team helps you to build the simplest and best smart home products.

Contact Us

Please tell us about your next project and we will let you know what we can do to help you.

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